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I have found that most of submissions from the questions of the previous Long Contests and External Contests are being locked and are not open. Since, I am interested in solving new and different question I cannot view the different approaches other than mine, just because they are not unlocked. This directly stops me from refining my approach towards learning new things.

@admin kindly see to this, since it is very important that we all as a community can learn more and more from the platform provided by CodeChef.


about long contests problems, they seem to be pasted in the practice section after the contest is ended (link for each one of them is provided in the editorials). about external contests, i thought the peer section was there to host them, but i could be wrong (i don’t remember actually). what is the problem you can’t submit ?

@cyberax : Maybe I was not clear or u havn’t read my question clearly, I am not basically saying about problems or moving them somewhere to practice, I m saying about submissions… to be precisely clear see this… It is a question of an External contest whose submissions are blocked… similarly this is a question from a Long Contest whose submissions are blocked for view even after the contest is finished… a similar problem of blocked submissions is found in some practice problems… all what I am asking is to unlock these submissions so that we can learn different approaches other than our own… this will be really helpful.

@devanshug : The solutions to the second problem you have mentioned will not be shared , as this problem and many others are used by Directi to hire interns . I am not sure of the first problem you have mentioned . You can write to bugs@codechef.com or feedback@codechef.com to take admin’s word on that .
You can have a look at the page :
to know which problems are used by Directi to hire interns and hence their solutions will not be shared by CodeChef .

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I dont think that the reason you gave for second problem is exact as you can see the submissions for the same problem is unlocked in Practice session http://www.codechef.com/problems/MARCHA4/ So why would codechef share only half of the solutiona while it doesnt share another half… well as you suggested I will contact directly to admin and share the link of this thread… well thanks for taking the concern atleast…

oops… i misunderstood :slight_smile: by submission you meant “being able to submit”. my bad ! btw, i don’t have the answer to your question, sry about that.

again you misinterpreted it… its not “being able to submit”. Its actually “view a already submitted solution”. Well, no problem friend I am already sending this concern to the admin.