Unauthorized for this resource scope


curl -X GET “https://api.codechef.com/todo/problems?fields=

fields is an optional parameter right ? and even in the documentation it is given that it takes no paramter

and even if i want to set field paramter then how can i set ?
give an example pls: with problemCode,contestCode
Yet i’m getting

“status”: “error”,
“result”: {
“errors”: [
“message”: “Unauthorized for this resource scope”,
“code”: “unauthorized”

And once the user logs in our web is it possible that next time the chef remember the app as allowed (like in google once user gives permission to the app it doesn’t ask next time we login in using the google account )


  1. Possible fields for “fields” parameter for https://api.codechef.com/todo/problems/ api are: problemCode, contestCode, creationTime, status, tags, problemName, contestUrl, problemUrl, problemRedirect. Multiple fields can be entered using comma.

You can find all this information in developer’s console.

  1. You can use refresh token whose validity is for 14 days. You can request a new access token refresh token before the expiry of old access token and keep the user logged in.