Unanswered question on CodeChef

Hello CodeChef community,

I have started contributing this month on CodeChef discuss and I find it a very good platform to share and learn from some extremely talented people but there is some flaw as the amount of unanswered question kept on increasing, while many are answered. Many times people even after getting their question answered they don’t accept it.

My point is can there be something where a person above some karma can accept that the question is answered correctly. This way we can reduce the number of unanswered question. @admin

Correct me if I’m missing something.

If a third person marks a answer as correct ,that defeats the purpose of asking the question as that person may or may not be satisfied with that answer who originally asked the question .People sometimes put up their doubts here despite there being a correct solution already being present .A better alternative would be to have better incentives so that people accept the answer.

Another solution could be to set a expiry time (for inactive threads) after which that particular thread gets low pref and gets bumped down and the original person who post the question have the ability to bump it up later if he doesn’t get satisfactory answer even after expiry time but sadly thats what codechef is already doing in a way .

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Yeah, I know the demerits of this but still there must be some solution to this problem as you have stated. This way CodeChef as a website can evolve and be a better place to discuss.

This is one of those powers, which is better resting with only @admin .

Most of the times, people who dont accept answers dont actually know that they even have to accept it! They are new and clueless to the forum, and hence need proper guidance… I suggest that you shouldnt hesitate to request the person to accept your answer if you helped him solve his query. A gentle, polite reminder is never bad :slight_smile:

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