Unactive Ques in Active section

From last few days I am seeing unactive question in active section of forum.

I have seen on first page of active section. This was mainly due to @ ardamax … handle who have written something which you removed and suspended account.

So could you plz plz make sure in future that when you delete something from forum then that question does not appear in forum active section.

edit more examples-


How will you suspend a guy before he does something bad or suspicious? Firstly, you wont know even the existence of that guy on the forum if he does nothing. Then, its not a good idea if we mods or @admin start banning people based on instinct- innocent people will get caught up.

We keep an eye out on forum for troublemakers, and I have suspended over 11 accounts in past 3 days in this regard. But as of now, I dont have the power to send the thread back to oblivion/deep depths of the archive. Nor do I need it. Its not the most important thing right now- there are things having high priority over this. Better to focus on them.