unable to understand the question

Even after reading the problem for multiple no. of times,iam unable to understand it
Please help!

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Read the question carefully we have check how many dimension can be made in which we use c colors,thats it…
Sorry i cant help you more

In this question u are required to find the number of rectangles that can be formed in the screen that can be coloured with the given c colours.

unable to understand october long challenge 2nd problem chef and three dogs…how answer should e printed 0.6 lf or 0.9lf??plz reply

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In this question, you are basically supposed to find the pairs of numbers whose multiplication makes up the area. For example, for 12, you can have pairs as (4,3), (6,2), etc. There are conditions on the numbers in the pairs tho, i.e., they should be less than a specified limit, as will be mentioned in the question.
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