Unable to submit solution in July Lunchtime

In the last minute, codechef’s server went down and many students were not able to submit their solutions resulting in decrease in their ratings. Neither server was responding nor time for the contest got extended.
Codechef should be prepared for all these stuffs because it is really painful that in spite of having solution, we were unable to submit it. :frowning:

what is the solution for today’s failure?

Check forum before posting a new post.

Thank You for making it unrated

I didn’t made it.

time was extended…

It shouldn’t be unrated simply wasted 3 hrs.


@byomkeshbakshy It would most probably be unrated and that makes sense since a lot of people were unable to make submissions. Moreover, I couldn’t even read my own code which I am pretty sure must be happening for a lot of other people as well. So, it would be unfair for a lot of people had the contest not been made unrated.

they can extend the time,

I have a query if this contest get unrated and i am participating in contest for 6 month including this contest to to this contest is my link got broken to attend every contest for 1 year because i want laddus of 100 percent attendence