Unable to Submit Solution due to non-availability of Language

alt text@admin Not able to submit Any solution on Codechef Ide In Any Language
when trying to Submit Solution On CodeChef,CodeChef is asking for Select Language and When trying to Select Programming Language, Not Able to choose Language because programing language drop down list is not showing any programing language option on drop down list…
@admin remove this bug, my submission work stopped in middle, can’t do anything other than wait

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down since an hour

Same here. Languages saying false.
Cant submit anything!

Same problem here…seems a big server fault…

yes , even i am waiting from 1 hour to submit my solution and check wheather solution is working or not… We have to bring this issues in their consideration
@admin fix this bug as early as possible

Actually, The problem is…The language is not being able to get selected…At first I thought, it was only me…But then I made my friend log in his Id, Then understood, maybe codechef servers are busy right now. in the backend…!

I am sure codechef will fix this bug soon!

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Altohugh I wonder why have they done this?

I mean What could have been the reason to do this!

@iamabjain dear, u may be right server can be busy… or may be when codechef team is trying to resolve some other bug, while resolving other issue, this bug arised and we are not able to select programming language. may be codechef team is not aware of this bug till now…
lets wait and see when this bug gets fixed… hope so it will be fixed soon

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Exactly my problem.
Hope they fix the problem soon, LOC June competition’s deadline is approaching soon. :-/
Meanwhile, try solving all problems.

I am also facing the same problem…contest is going on and due to this we are unable to submit our solutions.

I am also facing the same problem…contest is going on and due to this we are unable to submit our solutions.

Facing the same problem…

Please bump things related to bug- “unable to sumbit solution due to non-availability of language” here.

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it ought to get fixed by morning. They cannot be this careless/negligent. I believe servers are undergoing maintenance or revamp.

By the time, please mail this issue to them as well. A chunk of mails will get them on their heels, if they arent already!

Its been 8 hours but the language selection drop down menu is still not working.
Also the question page lists languages as false

Dear, issue has been fixed. Now U can submit your solution. language Selection option is available Now
Happy Coding

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I still cannot select a language.

Dude, have a look at when the thread was created and when you faced the issue. There is a good week difference. The issue got resolved on 3 july and re appeared again today.

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