Unable to Submit code in July Contest

I am unable to select language while submitting my code.
Please look after it.
Thank You!


I am facing the same issue.

Same with me. I think this is due to servers are down.

Yeah may be .Hope it will be back soon!

And the “Languages” field in the problem page displays “false”.

Unable to submit answer. All the language fields are empty.

Yes. hope they will look after it asap.

Same here.

Same here
@admin plz fix it asap thanks

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Perhaps they were fixing a known bug, but somehow after applying it it disabled all languages for submission. Its second time this month if i remember correctly.

Please mail the query to them as well.

Ok I will mail them.Thanks @vijju123

Hopefully it should resolve within an hour. Else they will give compensation if issue persists for longer.

Yes hope for the best !

Same GOing Herre…No Language Option Appearing

Problem still persists :frowning: !

facing same issue here

Its being faced by everyone. Cant do anything but wait. Hope codechef fixes it soon, or atleast offers time compensation.

I am also facing the same issue !! Please resolve it asap @admin.

It’s working now.

Now its working :))