Unable to open Contests Page

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When trying to open All contests page it is giving a error that “You are not allowed to check this content.”

Can Someone Clarify why this happens and how to Correct it.


Try clearing all cookies and cache.

Done that but no result.

Reported to @admin. Thank you.

Thanks @vijju123 .Any laddus for me:)

Open Codechef in incognito mode. If this work then you there is some problem with your browser cookies and cache, so you have to clear the cookies and cache. If this not work then there is something wrong with your Codechef account so you can mail to the admin.


Not able to access even in incognito.Thanks for the Advice may be useful in future.

Lol, no. The bug is only affecting you or very limited users to consider in bug finder category. Sorry. XD

No problem just kidding :slight_smile:

Hope they resolve it soon

Hahaha. Hopefully it will get resolved soon. Tried any other browser like edge or firefox?

Tried that too but no result

Ok, then its an error from your account. Thanks, will convey it to @admin has well.

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Can you try now and let us know?

Thanks! Problem is resolved