Unable to interpret my codechef rating & Query regarding CCDSAP

Hi all,

I’ve recently finished 3 problems in codechef november long challenge, and my rating improved by only 18. I read a few things about rating, but to be frank, I wasn’t to get a hold on that explanation. Can someone tell me why my rating increased by just 18 when I solved 3 problems in long challenge?

Also regarding the CCDSAP scholarship thing, I got a mail at 1 AM in the morning telling my slot has been confirmed, and again I got a mail at 11.30 AM telling this statement

"We would like to inform you that we are putting the confirmations/rejections for the CCDSAP Scholarship on hold as there are few changes in the November Long Challenge plagiarism report. We are currently working on it and you will soon receive an email with an updated result. Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused."

What does this mean? I worked pretty hard to get the 3 problems right and this mail appears now…

There were some issues that popped up in plagiarism check. So it was done again. You will receive confirmation mail soon if you are college topper. :slight_smile:

Got final confirmation mail saying my seat is confirmed :slight_smile: , now could someone explain about the rating thing? Why only 18 points increased :confused:

Codechef ratings directly depend on the rank you get in a contest. Solving more questions is the best way to increase your rank but it does not depend on it as such.

It is mainly done as each time the difficulty of questions are changed. (One long challenge you may be able to do 5 questions but in the next only 4 because the 5th one was harder this time.)

Your new rating is calculated based on how much you have improved or worsened over last time, so it is dependent on your old rating too. (I.e. you are not rewarded highly for attaining a rank equivalent to your old rank.)

Refer here for the actual mechanism.

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nicely explained :smiley:

Your explanation cleared a few doubts of mine. The post which you asked me to refer, I literally couldn’t understand anything in that bro :smiley:

Thank you @soham1234 :smiley:
@revanth_97 Do you want the calculation of a coder’s worth and his growth to be generated from a simpler calculation? xD

Basically, if you want to get a greater boost to your rating you need to perform better than before (rank-wise). If you got 2k rank in last long challenge aim for 1k, something like that.



Where change is a function which takes aforesaid parameters and returns rating change.

Thats the most simplified model I can give. (Hail Abstraction and Encapsulation :p)


just adding: If your rank was 2k last time and you are 3* and above you 100 2*'s were there and your rating increased(suppose)and your rank this time suppose 2.1k with like no 2*/1* above you(only 4,5,6,7* above you) then also your rating will increase :smiley: