Typesetting mathematics

I want to ask how to typeset mathematics here on Codechef.

I can’t find it anywhere in discussion before and markdown basics are not helpfull at all. I’m familiar with Tex and I’m looking for some alternative here.

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AFAIK, no good alternative here…

I’m using this online editor, that can create picture. This picture I’m uploading to imgur.com, because uploading images is not working here too… And unfortunately link to online image is not working too :frowning:

Example is here.

That’s really unfortunate. On forum with so many math is something like that necessary. On CodeForces one can use Latex and it works fabulously.

It’s not working very well (at least my last try), but for simple formulas it’s sufficient… I agree with you, that it’s needed here…

Depends on what you need to do. But for formulas, matrices and such things it works just fine.

Meanwhile I use italic for distinguish normal letters from variables and such things. But it’s a poor substitute.