Traveling salesman problem using dynamic programming

Please help me - How to solve Spoj BCTSP2 (traveling salesman problem) using dp?

0 20 35 42
20 0 34 30
35 34 0 12
42 30 12 0


Problem link

Oh GOD! I have already told you many and many times that please don’t ask such questions that can easily be googled. Why don’t you understand this small point? Should i tell you in Any other language?


Did you check here?

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yeap…Please check the problem link…

No need other language. I search google but could not find the solution. Spoj BCTSP2 :
Please check…

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Is it just me or the problem isn’t in English? :confused:

you can translate into English.

Full problem statements :

Read the link that @vijju123 posted, try to understand what’s written and implement this problem yourself, you’ll learn more, copy pasting won’t help you.

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but it is something hard to understand.

I can try to code :


But it may not be efficient.
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