Transition from Turbo to GNU

If you attend CS classes at school, you might have some idea of Turbo C++. However, it’s not supported in programming competitions. As a matter of fact, it’s own parent company stopped supporting it 15 years ago! Since we’re the competitive programming department, we think this matters to us.

What does work, however, is another compiler called GNU C++(The new C++ standard). You will find that this has many similarities to Turbo, so we hope you won’t have too many problems undergoing this change. You will find some basic pointers here.

If you have doubts about any of this, or your program isn’t compiling with a GNU compiler, please contact us (at school, facebook, by email, or as a comment on this post).

Coorect me if I’m wrong, but aren’t all the GNU compilers collectively called the GNU GCC compiler?

No, GCC is the C compiler of GNU. Similarly G++ is the C++ compiler of GNU.