Topics frequently asked in INOI?

What topics are asked in INOI. I mean what are the most important topic that i should prepare for now?


@coder_voder If you have enough time this might help you link but if you don’t than practice Dynamic Programming, Number Theory, Geometry and Graph Theory. Solving past INOI problems will be also help.

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Graph Theory and Dynamic Programming are probably the hot topics of INOI as told by Pushkar Misrha (he has represented India at IOI) here:

Btw the list given by @ishpreet is too long to finish completely in the time remaining for INOI since it covers almost all the basic (and some even complex for beginners) paradigms and techniques required to be known for any coding competition, not only INOI.

So I would suggest you largely practice dp and graph problems and also take a look at last years problems to get a idea of the problems given in INOI.

For practicing these topics, you can take a look at my answer here : Practice DP and Graphs and also in the comments section.

Best of luck to every participant of INOI! :slight_smile:


@nikhil_chandak can you tell me what topics i should study in Graph Theory & Dynamic Programming.

@coder_voder Even I am novice in these areas but you can take a look at my answer here :
Well for practicing you can get started at HackerRank, here : and you should definitely try the ones at CodeForces, they are really good imo.

@nikhil_chandak can you tell me which graph algorithms i should prepare?

@coder_voder I have listed the easy ones in the link to my other answer, ie. DFS, BFS, Dijkstra, Bellmen-Ford, FLoyd-Warshall, Johnson’s algo, SCC, MST, topological sorting (Difficult ones - Min Cost Max Flow and Heavy Light Decomposition ) For HLD I found a good article here :