Topcoder Vs Codeforces ?

Which of the two sites is best for practicing for short contest?

And which of the two has more quality problems?

Does TopCoder has problems on Advanced Data Structure like Segment trees, Trie etc?


Top Coder is good.

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Top coder is good if you want to work on problems that have clever solution. Code forces if good for problems that require some fancy data structures. Top coder, in my opinion, has more original problems (or rather the approach to get to the answer is often original).

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Thanks for the reply

Thanks for the reply !

Top Coder is oldest and most popular and global competitive programming site in the world.

Moreover if you are a beginner then continue on codechef… and if you wanna hang out in coding with high level experts and coders then go for topcoder…

for average is CODEFORCES, for expert TOPCODER

Check out this Quoras answer link:Topcoder vs codeforces vs codechef

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Useful links

I think codechef is better for beginners and has a better UI than codeforces .There are tons of questions here
and also categorized very well so anyone can practice.