TopCoder SRM 144 div 2 200

hello guys,i have just started TC and i have few doubts related to it.Please remove my doubts thanks

Doubt 1: I have seen solution of srm 144 div 2 200 and here is that solution available on net i wanted to know that why there is no main() function in c++ program but only a class

Doubt 2 : I am not getting how they returned string using stringstream…Is there any other way to return exact same thing.

Doubt 3 : How Scores are judged ?.Different peoples have different scores

Doubt 1 : On Topcoder you just need to make the class and there is no need for the main function. Also you do not need to take input from the stdin, the input will be passed as the parameters of the function. You need to do the computation and return the output. You will be provided with the required definition of the class and function.

Doubt 2 : Yes that can be done without string stream, solution in C++ 14, although string stream provide a good solution in such kind of scenario.

Doubt 3 : Scores are calculated based on the time taken to solve the problem. That is score is inversely proportional to time taken = time at which solution is submitted - time at which problem statement was opened. Read more about scoring here.

Hope it Helps!!!

Happy Coding

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thanks a lot…