TopCoder rating question


I’d like to ask a question about TopCoder rating: Is there a difference if I do not submit the code vs. if I submit it, but it failed in sys. tests/is challenged?

I know when it is challenged someone has additional points, but my understanding is, that for it is very the same.

To be more specific - it’s about DIV 1, easy problem - the end result is the same - no problem solved, but is there a difference I missed?



Their rating system is completely public (unlike rating at Codeforces, for example), so it is strange that you have such question. Everything is described here. As you can see from those formulas, only your actual place matters. Therefore if you submitted some wrong solution - it may affect your final place because of challenges (some other person got -25 instead of 0 because of bad challenge of your solution, and that’s why you beat that person; or he got +50 and that’s why he beat you); and it is the only way it can change your final place, comparing to a case when you don’t submit a solution at all.

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