Top submission in terms of time and memory.

I think we should have a feature in codechef which display top submission of a particular problem so that we can know what best possible solution can be of a problem. Here by top submission i mean that it may have taken less memory as well as less time in computing solution. Let me know your thoughts guys.

There is a “+” icon on the right side of a problem statement(With “Successful Submissions” written beside the icon). If you click that you get the best solution in terms of time. For now, I don’t think you can sort by order of memory and also not by language. Nevertheless sorting solutions however we like would be a good feature.

Thanks i observed this.

Yeah, nevertheless, I think it would be nice if we could sort submissions in whichever criteria we want. Just like sorting problems according to submissions/accuracy etc.

There is a problem in implementing such a sorting. That is the random judge time.

Same submissions if submitted at different times, preferable once when judge is free and once when its overloaded, can show a variation as big as 0.1 second. This means that time taken by code is somewhere like T±0.1.

So, theres no guarantee that the solution at top is the “best” one and not a lucky one. For best solution, I find it best to pry on some top coders which are in my list :3

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Yes obvious delay occured during submission can cause difference in time which may be reason that it might not be possible to get best submission.