Top 10 girl coders of March challenge

Where can we see the names of top 10 girl coders list on codechef site?

You can only see the common Rank list in any competition. unfortunately, you can’t sort it by gender, there’s no option like this in CodeChef but the MARCH Challenge was a special contest for girls, so I think CodeChef should post their names somewhere(On Blog or CodeChef Homepage).

Well, if its only Top 10, then you can manually browse through the ranklist (provided the tenth one isn’t lost in depths of 1500-4500…lol).

I mean, yeah codechef SHOULD have brought it out, but instead of waiting for them, we can quench our curiosity ourselves.

But yes, the names should be made public. They deserve to be famous, no?

EDIT- To all the haters- At least have decency of telling WHY you are down voting it. A blind downvote tells me nothing on what you people think is wrong in this answer.

I am always open to unbiased, parliamentary discussions, and I expect the same from you people too.


of course yes, man… :slight_smile:

Well, I have one suggestion : however, it requires you to invest in one-time effort. The idea is to exploit the feature of set ; you create a set called female_coder . Sit one day and add all the female coders to that set. Then for every contest all you have to do is just sort the ranklist by the set !

Hello vijju123, I guess you’ré receiving a lot of downvotes simply because you’re commenting WITHOUT HAVING ANYTHING TO ADD ON TO THE EXISTING INFORMATION. Pointlessly leaving a “Yeah it should have been done”, “Mail the admins” and stuff for the sake of your laddus doesn’t help anyone in any way. You’re simply karma-farming man. Stop it.


Well, it actually has nothing to do with karma farming. If anyone feels so, he should mail the same to admins and get it checked. I mean, yeah, instead of creating a drama here for me, or making forums unhospitable for me or maligning my respect here, you could simply mail admins. (Though I warrant you I will come out with a clean chit, cause karma farming isn’t what I am doing. I answer because I wish to help.) Because continued down vote JUST because I am in top position is, to crudely say, biased downvoting.

Nevertheless, your feedback has been taken. :slight_smile:

And to be honest, had I been that focussed on karma farming, I would have deleted this answer after first downvote. I wouldn’t have kept it here to get even more downvotes. My answer express my opinion, and I felt the need to do so.

You people CANNOT put ANY KIND ON RESTRICTION on me for answering Q.

You people feel I am karma farming? BRING IT TO ADMINS NOTICE.

You people have any personal grudges/have to speak to me? Mail me at

BUT YOU PEOPLE CANNOT SAY ME TO “DONT ANSWER BECAUSE…”. I am prepared to take in a thousand downvotes but wont accept ANY

ANY restriction on answering questions.

You people SHOULD APPRECIATE that community here isn’t a mindless bunch of kids who upvote every answer to every question. Giving upvotes is upto community. Your excuse that I karma farm by expressing my opinion is simply illogical, people here are not 5 y/o who could be swayed away by toffees.

Many others do similarly and nobody downvotes them. Hence, why should I deter from expressing myself? I will NOT. I AM a part of this community and I WILL express myself when I wish, whether anybody likes it or not.

That, is for everyone to hear.

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Bro its too obvious that you’re doing it for the laddoos, so chill! Continue your “service to the humanity” and stuff :slight_smile: But my honest advice, please don’t waste all your time on answering Discuss and channel that time towards solving more questions.


" Continue your “service to the humanity” and stuff :)"

Sadly, you cant talk with respect.

Anyways, if that’s what the community at large feels, then fine. I put my contribution at hold. I wont contribute anything further at discuss.

bro @vijju123 don’t get affected by these things !!.. by reacting to such stuffs u r serving their purpose of making u set back from discussions…

if there are 100 haters then there are 1000 followers too… who enjoy ur detailed helps at many times… so dnt clung things to heart…

and keep on ur contribution dear !!


@vijju123 Don’t give shit to the comments or down-votes either ; Remember if you are not hated , then you are not actually doing something worthwhile.
And, yes, many consider you are Balaji Vishwananthan (Quora) of this community. Keep up the good work with good spirit ! I am sure with more experience and knowledge of the CP , in future you will be more powerful contributor ! :slight_smile:

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@viju123 u are doing great job. whenever i asked question, everytime u are the one who gave correct and appropriate solution of that problem… so keep on doing ur great work…

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Thank you guys…i literally cried when i read your comments.


Why do u think @vijju123 will do it for laddus. If he would have just worked for laddus, he would have not worked to get 1300 karma last month. Instead he would have just settled for 400-500 by which he could have got the laddus. Secondly, unlike many others if he would have worked for laddus, he would have written in each of his answer that “Please upvote or accept the answer if u find it useful”.