too much slow submissions

the slow submissions has affected the rank.
The server is taking just too long to run one solution .
is this fair ?
one of my friend’s submission ran in 1 sec, while my one is running for the last 10 minutes , and same happened with the 1st question being the eziest one , i did submit in at around 7:37, correct answer displayed after 7-8 minutes , while some of my friends had that run in 1 mint time, so is it fair for the one who did submit just some minutes later to go so down the ranklist.
is it fair @admin?


It is fair because everyone has to wait. I am sorry for this problem. Way too many contestants submit code intended only for subtask1 (or 2) but it runs on all of them.


Do not worry that much about ranks and rating stuff dude :)…

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rating ,ranking are second ,the most important thing is ,do u know the algorithm and more over everyone faces same problem so there no much change in ranking,rating

quite illogical to let your rank just coz of server issues and rating also gets down , seriously not down

i can understand

In codechef, the rank is calculated based on the time of submission and not based on the time of successfully compiled and executed. Therefore, even if ur solution took more time to run than ur friend, if u submitted it earlier, your rank will be better than ur friend.

I think the contest was fair.

oh did not knew that aspect , but still until n unless i m sure its correct , then only i proceed to the next , i lost on time though :slight_smile: anyways next time

Thats what the extension of 30 mins was about. Even i was on the same boat of wasting time as yours.