To problem setters and testers.

Hello friends!
I am really surprised by the diversity of the questions put up in contest here.
A grand salute to all problem setters and testers!

But i would like to know how come you guys are able to make it out,I mean for me solving these problems is no easy task and someone has really prepared that problem.
If anyone can give the details about all steps involved in putting up a single problem for any event and also the testing phase.

Once again i’ll like to extend much respect for problem setters, testers and all those who are invloved.You guys are simple awesome.


Question making is quite difficult task.
I would like to share my and my team experience on making the questions and testing them.

Question making–

  1. Took ideas from previous contest, real life experience, team discussions and help from some of our experts. (The main idea was to take easy question with tricky test cases).
  2. We made some test cases and checked is it satisfying our logic of the question made.
  3. We then converted ideas into question by adding some new features in them.
  4. Coded the question.


  1. Tester went through the question and solutions. (mainly on the English and story of the question, solutions and test cases)

Finally by the team approval the question was uploaded.

I know it does not give the correct answer your question since, this was my experience and I cannot say how other(“professional”) does this.

@adi28galaxyak thanks a lot for sharing with us.