TLE IN C++ 4.3.2 , AC in 4.8.1

Hello Everybody, I was solving the question Permuted array in Code Niche, IIT bhu . I was getting TLE using an O(n * log n) algorithm in C++ 4.3.2 (even after using fast I/O) and got AC with a O(n^2) brute force algorithm in 0.01 seconds with normal I/O!!

Is there some problem with C++ 4.3.2 version or is this some problem with SPOJ servers? The reason i posted this is because a large number of people are wasting useless time on such a simple question for no fault of their own. I would request everyone to switch to C++ 4.8.1 to solve the question.

Also it would be great if anybody could provide some explanation about this unexpected behavior?

I am getting TLE with n^2 solution even in C++ 4.8.1. There seems to be a problem specifically with this question.

Yes. I have also seen it only for this question.Other questions are running fine. Strange !