TLE in a java program. Help Needed..

Program link:

My solution:

@akash1357…be patient ppl will ans…dont ask duplicate ques…!!!

ok kunal361…atleast you give it a try…plzz…most of the times I get this TLE…

i’ll try…but will take some time(maybe a day or so)…many may also be trying now…they also need some time to find an optimiztion…:slight_smile:

only thing i would like to suggest(after seeing your profile,noticing that u have not solved ne practice problems) is that u should try and solve a few easier practice problems cause only after large amnt of practice you get an idea of what algo u should be using at what place and also u get to know better algos…read the editorials(they are really fantastic) to help u understand the problem and the algo that was kept in mind while setting such type of problems…:slight_smile:

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In the meantime, what you can try is, read and try to understand what is there in the editorial: