Tips for New Programmer


Im new to codechef and competitive programming. Im here to participate in june contest which i came to know through facebook. Please suggest me some tips to start of with codechef

I’m sorry if i was not supposed to ask questions like this.

Thanks in Advance

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First of all welcome to codechef community :slight_smile:

Yes , U can ask Questions like this on codechef discuss and there are lot of aspiring programmers ready to help u

As U Still have a complete day left for this month’s contest…first of all try solving some practise questions to make urself familiar with codechef platform

Try not to violate any of the codechef rules and be a good programmer

Please go through this. Im sure it will help U in Future


All the best for u

Happy coding :slight_smile:

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@prasu_newbie : Just go ahead and solve some problems from the PRACTICE section to get you acquainted to the code chef interface and on-line judge requirements . Solve the enormous input test and test problems first . These are at the bottom of practice section ( easy section ) . Practicing is the best tip forever . There are certain requirements of the on-line judge like name of classes etc. Read the FAQ’s and also actually submitting solutions and encountering problems and overcoming will help better

If you need tips on specific areas of computer programming / competitive programming make a post with more specific question .

Meanwhile browse through the previously asked questions and you will find much there , and dont forget to upvote a comment / accept an answer if you find it useful .

Best of luck


Happy Coding


@rakeshbubli143 , @vineetpaliwal I have gone through the FAQ and Now i have lot of confusion about which language to use. Please help me regarding this. My preferred languages are c++ , python. But Given that python takes more running time should I avoid using python??

Read the FAQ clearly

It clearly States that “Some programming languages are slower than others, and are thus given more time. Currently, Java and Python are allowed twice the time limit, while Ruby, PHP and Lisp are allowed to run for up to three times the time limit.”

So even if the programming language is slow.It won’t effect ur Submission Untill U use the COrrect and efficient algorithm :slight_smile:

Moreover In some cases u r expected to deal with large input and output … In situations like that Use Faster I/O methods

Happy Coding :slight_smile:

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Every language has its advantages and disadvantages. I suggest you master one language(whichever suits you better) and carry on with it.
If I were you I would go with c++ (widely used, fast).

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Thanx :slight_smile: But some of my friends told that python is easy to implement when it comes to using large numbers :slight_smile:

As I mentioned every language its advantages and disadvantages, c++ does not have BigInteger library, but still you can define methods for same in c++.