Tips for Beginners Who want to solve Graph Theory Problems

I have studied 2 ways to represent graph and BFS and DFS . Now how do i start solving Graph Theory problems.
All tips related to Graph Theory will be appreciated.
Thanks try this 7.graph algorithm. Here you will get some theory and some good questions too.Try these questions and the perfect way to master it is practice.
So do as much question you can and if you cann’t able to anyone question go through editorials it will help you a lot.

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As far as representation of graphs i would recommend you to go through this LINK(It was a question asked by me sometime ago which had a wonderful answer).
For Basic BFS DFS based question i recommend solving some hackerearth questions. Hackerearth has wonderful collection of problems grouped topic wise.

I think that hackerearth has a lot of good questions if we talk about graphs…
Also it divide the graph theory part in many subparts…which help beginners to learn and excel…

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I think SPOJ has great graph, tree related problems. and also u can follow a2oj classifiers.

a2oj link :