Tip: Quickly open codechef rating predictor for contest by adding it as search engine in chrome

Go to settings in chrome and select manage search engines and click on add button to add a new search engine.

Set a trigger keyword according to your liking (like cc).

In url with %s field write:


Now next time you want to know your rating predictions, just enter your selected keyword in the omnibox (url bar), press TAB and enter contest code and rating predictor of that contest will open.

This is just a tip, and the website is NOT made by me.


Nice tip man! Keep the good work going :slight_smile:

This is a great piece of work done by whoever has done it. Taking nothing away from his/her work, Iā€™d suggest it would be better if the filters such as institute, country, etc would also be provided. Anyway great work. :slight_smile:

nice work ā€¦ who is the developer ?

@vsp4 is the developer

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Awesome idea. :slight_smile: