time mentioned in case tle error

I want to ask that is the time limit show in results with tle is exact time to execute my complete code or it terminates as time limit exceeds.

thanks in adv…:slight_smile:

The program is terminated as soon as the judge realizes the program exceeded the time limit. So the real runtime could (and usually would be) much, much larger.

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then why it sometimes does not show the time limit in case of time limit exceed and I found that in such cases the time difference was comparatively large…

You have to be careful, in old version (without showing test cases) the time was sum of all test cases times, so it might happen easily, that this time is bigger than time for one test case. Another thing you have to realize is, that if time limit for test case is set to 1s, it is 1s for C/C++, but for Java it is 2s, because of multipliers.