Time Limits confirmation

Hi I am relatively new to the community and I have some doubts.
Many times I get a TLE in python and this page says that codechef allows 2-3 slower solutions for java/ python, is it still valid ? secondly I would also like to point out that the wiki suggests something about using psyco in python, and I later found that it is not compatible for versions >= 2.7. I hope the codechef admin changes this so that newbies like me would not get mislead.

For the first question as far as I know if for any question time limit is t seconds for C,C++ then in java time limit would be 2*t seconds,because there are constant multipliers for every language(for java its around 2).

Hi @chefkaushik94!
It is indeed true that time limits are increased for slower languages like Java and Python as compared to C/C++. To be precise, if the time limit for C/C++ is x seconds, then for Java it is 2x seconds and for Python it is 3x seconds. Moreover, if a problem contains multiple test files, then the time displayed on execution is the sum of all test files. For example, consider the problem FACTORIZ. It had 10 test files and each test file had a time limit of 3 seconds for C/C++ and hence maximum executing time should be 30 seconds as shown here (submissions in C). It was 60 seconds for Java (submissions in Java ) and 90 seconds for Python (submissions in Python). Hope this explains.