Time Limit On Questions

I want to know the time limit set for problems with many test cases is actually the time limit for one test case ? or for all the test cases put together for a single run. Eg if a problem is being tested for 10000 test cases. Question may sound silly but please clarify.

I also want to know if a strategy for caching the results will be a good idea :). If total time of all test cases is the limit , then we stand to benefit here.

It is for one test file. Structure of test file is defined in problem statement. Sometimes there is just one test, often first parameter is T - number of test if file. Time limit is for that one file, possibly with 10^5 test cases…

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Can u please give me an example solved problem link where 10000 tests are required , I just want to check what is the time limit mentioned in the question. If there are 10000 inputs and outputs then time for IO itself could be significant leaving little time for solving.
Pardon my ignorance , I am new to competitions.

No problem at all - http://www.codechef.com/SEPT13/problems/SPOONS

Yes, IO can be a problem and there are a lot of threads in forum about it. Therefore there is INTEST problem in practice room - http://www.codechef.com/problems/INTEST

btw: I wrote about 10^5 tests not 10^4, but this is probably a typo :wink:

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