Time Limit for Different Languages in CodeChef Contests

Do CodeChef provide different Time Limits for different Languages in Contests? I am asking this because when i was checking today the OCT16 contest’s solutions for the problem CHEFKEY i saw some people (using PYTH & PHP)scoring 100pts even though their program took more than 1s viz 2s,4s etc.

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Yes, time limit for different programming languages is different. Python is bit slow as compared to C/C++ so time limit for python is more as compared to C/C++. You can find all the time limit related information on this blog link.


Time limit for Python and Java is more when compared to C and C++.


Generally, if x is TL,then:

Java: 2x

Python: 5x


Java – 2X
Python – 5X
Ruby – 3X
PHP – 3X
Lisp clisp – 3X
Lisp sbcl – 3X
Scala – 2X
C# – 2X
All other languages – 1X


Yes it is different , as idea is to make any good algo for the question work irrespective of speed of programming language used …

Language Version Max Memory Limit

C gcc 4.8.4 Time Limit: X 256 MB

C++ g++ 4.8.4 Time Limit: X 256 MB

C# mono 4.2.3 Time Limit: 2X 256 MB

Java 8 oracle 1.8.0_91 Time Limit: 2X 256 MB

Python python 2.7.6 Time Limit: 5X 256 MB

Python 3 python 3.2 Time Limit: 5X 256 MB

Source- https://www.hackerearth.com/docs/wiki/developers/judge/

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