Time Limit Exceeded

what does TLE actually mean?
Does it mean that the program RAN successfully but exceeded Time limit or the program just compiled successfully and exceeded LIMIT during execution.
I mean does TLE implies that OUTPUT is correct but approach is somewhere lagging behind.

plz confirm it.

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No you are wrong TLE means your program takes more time it means if your program run out of time limit

then it will show you time limit and does not run for further inputs so your solution may be wrong for

larger test cases

For more detail read FAQ


ask if not clear anything

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Simply it means your code was trying very hard to find the output but oops its very slow… and before it gives any output the judge killed it…make it more smart and efficient… :smiley:


The instant where your code exceeds the time limit, it stops running. Nobody knows whether or not it would have generated the right output.

If it’s feasible, you can just run it on your computer, wait a few seconds, and see whether or not it generates the right output. Then you can make necessary optimizations.

But to be concise about my answer, TLE does not imply anything about whether or not your output was correct.


just an addition to this answer - I wrote about it earlier - http://discuss.codechef.com/questions/1224/how-to-tell-solution-is-slow-or-wrong-when-time-limit-exceeds

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