Time for Codechef laddus to get credited!!

What is the approximate time it takes for laddus to get credited to account of winners after any codechef contest? I have not received laddus of JUNE LTIME yet. I know it is not too late but what is approx duration taken? Like 2-3 days, 15 days or 1 month?
Shouldn’t we get laddus immediately after ratings are updated? Since that means MOSS test has been done and ranklist is also final? @admin


MOSS is to be done after contest ends and ratings get updated… I guess

Then after results of MOSS , they recalculate ratings?

@pratyush1019 you are right. First ratings are updated then MOSS is done. Ratings are calculated twice. Ranklist is not final until MOSS results are out.

@aryanc403 So when are laddus credited? After How many days?

Did you mail then? I think it takes upto 4 weeks for them, but nevertheless drop them a mail at feedback@codechef.com and help@codechef.com

Yes i mailed at feedback@codechef.com, help@codechef.com and winners@codechef.com . Still no response.

Ok. Will ask them to answer it tomorrow morning.

Did you ask? No response from them yet…

They have credited the laddus :). How to close this question?

Glad that your issue is resolved as well. Enjoy your laddus :slight_smile:

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