three test case passes...? any one can solve this question

The delhi-iit has organized a lucky draw for students.It is planned to select X students in Y days, and give them some M Reward points freely,such that the student selected gets 100 Reward points every day till the Yth day(Including Y),starting from the day of his/her selection.

It has to be noted that only one student is selected on any given day during the lucky draw event.Also there are days when no student gets selected.
It’s observed that, the lucky student always gets reward points which are either 100 or in its multiples.
These reward points can be encashed after the draw period.
Puzzle now is to calculate the number of students who got the bonus points.

Input Format
You will be given a function which an array of string. Each element of the array is in the form of (Y,M,X).
Y represents number of days the ONEHOST planned to distribute the reward points
M represents the number of reward points
X represents the number of employees

Output Format
You need to return the array of integer where each element represents the number of customers who got the bonus points.

Sample Test Case
Sample Input

Sample Output