there is some problm with jewel and stone problm

my id is ashubaba.and i submittd my code in every possible test case is givng right answer.but on submisn it ia considrd wrong answr.ohk…and then i checked one user’s code which is not will fail in some test cases.but it was declard right answer.i am very confusd.plz admin help me.i realy need ur help…

Please mention the links of question, your solution, the solution which you saw of the other guy. However, if a solution is ACed it is very unlikely that there are weak test cases on which it has been judged. May be you are misunderstanding the question and getting a wrong output as per your code. This is possibly the reason of your confusion. Codechef test files are strong enough I believe!

i am sry…i got it that guy program is correct .thanks for ur code is and problm stmts is
can u plz tell me what is missng in my code.