There is any limit on submiting problems in online contest jan 2014

I think i submited 7 or 8 time single problem it is showing red color text on the problem text color.

Can any one explain it.
What i need to do.

that just tells that u have got a WA or a TLE or a RE for that ques…nothing to worry…:slight_smile:

now i am able to submit the code… but my question title “Please like me” in red color.
What it means…

that is what i told u…it means that u have tried that ques and it was not AC!!!

Kunal, I need suggestion when ever i tried to solve these problems, it’s showing time exceeded. Can you suggest me, how to over come this type of problems.

@robo2011 Keep trying and think of a different strategy. No one is going to help you solve problems from a ongoing contest.

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as @gautam94 says…u need to find a way out for that(as it is a ques of an ongoing contest)…we cant help u with that…only thing we can tell is that use fast io and use a better algo!!!

gautam, I am not asking for ongoing contest. I am asking how to improve it. suggestions to improve…

that is what i mentioned in my prev comment…fast IO and a better algo!!!

@kunal361, then can you say fast io in python.