The Train Journey

Knight and Jack are two good friends. They were on a train journey to their home town during Christmas.
To pass the time, they played a game.

They both had to speak a sentence (could make sense or no sense.)

Whenever a letter in a sentence spoken by Knight finds a match spoken by Jack, these letters are “removed”
from the sentence.

A person wins if he has some letters left in his sentence while the other person has no letters left; otherwise the game is drawn.

Knight is worried about the outcome of this game. As you are his best
friend he wants your help to evaluate the result whether he wins, loses or game draws.

Note: Both sentences cannot contain the exact same letters. (i.e. the sentences cannot be permutations of each other)


The first line contains an integer T which is the number of test cases.
Each test case contains two lines where the first line of each test case contains the sentence spoken by Knight,
while the second line contains the sentence spoken by Jack.


For each test case, output a sentence that says “Knight
Wins” if Knight wins, “Jack Wins” if Knight loses or “Drawn” otherwise
without double quotes.


1 <= T <= 100

1 <= |K|,| J| <= 104

Each string contains at least one letter.

Sample Input

he will win
will he
today and yesterday
today or tomorrow and yesterday
i dare you to
bad day today

Assuming that the input words are in small case (if not then make them) and there are no special characters except space, then make two frequency array of size 26 (size of English alphabets). Traverse each strings and store the frequency of each character in their corresponding character frequency arrays. Let frq1 and frq2 be the frequency arrays for string1 and string 2. Now start from i = 0 to 25 and for each integer at index i of both array subtract min of them from both. Then again start from i = 0 to 25 and sum up the frq1 and frq2 separately. If sum1 > 0 and sum2 = 0, then Knight wins otherwise if sum2 > 0 and sum1 = 0 then Jack wins otherwise match is drawn.