The time for the Feb long challenge should be extended!!

As there are lots of leakages and copying of problems and half the problems are still not given, I think that codechef should extend the duration of this month’s long challenge.


I devoted around 11 hours to solve CHEFBEST and about 5 hours to solve KBIGNUM.
I request codechef to cancel the current ongoing contest and restart it with all new problems.


Don’t worry they will assure extend the date… Please be patience and work on the rest of questions!

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I don’t think they should cancel the ongoing contest but they should surely extend. I also spend hours working on these prblms and except and tiny edge case i had got chefbest. And many other programmers also spend hours on this but still the devotion and time of all the contestents and problem setters will go waste.

Can anyone please post the link of the problem from which CHEFBEST is said to have been copied ?

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Yes, date extension is best possible solution!

Even I started with KBIGNUM Q, but I will personally warrant, till the time my time is compensated, I am happy. And it was nota waste trying it, cause it helped me learn more :slight_smile:

So guys, lets get back to rocking the contest!!

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Apologies. Double Post. Deleted.

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Lots of people I know were planning to devote only the first 3-4 days for this contest, since their college mid-sems are approaching. With 2 questions removed, their ratings are definitely going to take a hit. I would request the admin to consider making this round unrated.

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I get your point because I am also suffering from this same fate. I got exams whole week from tomorrow. Ratings will take a hit, but if feel that we cannot do anything.

Making it unrated would be unfair to larger portion who solved rest of problems…

Giving time extension is most we could do, unless of course!

Until and unless you people can come up with some nice suggestion of fixing it without being unfair to other majority!!


No matter what decision is made, some people will feel cheated. However in cases like this, the accepted norm is to err on the safe side and make the contest unrated. That is what reputed sites like Codeforces etc. do when discrepancies like these pop up, and in my opinion, that is what Codechef should do too.


I respect your views. I also see them. Well, I will say what you said, that there is no perfect answer and some people will feel cheated. Well, lets leave this to codechef, cause they will surely do something, and make sure that whatever happens, we don’t let it affect our participation/demotivate us! :slight_smile:

Hey all, the contest extension is under consideration. We will make the necessary action as soon as a decision is made.