The Multimedia Department

Hello and welcome guys,

This is one of the subdivisions of the DPS Ruby Park Tech Club, formed in 2017. The basic thing about this department is that you don’t need any set of extra skills for being a part of it. You just need a computer to work on and a bit of creativity and imagination.

The school has provided us with this opportunity to enhance ourselves in this area.
We currently have three different divisions in the Multimedia Dept.:

  • Photography(Yes, it includes both clicking the pictures and general editing of photos using Photoshop.)
  • Videography(Video making and editing)
The members who all have decided to be in this department can choose from any one of them, but before that you need to appear for a selection(as we do not want any other random person in the club if you are not productive like other club members).

The selection procedures are as follows:
(To be added)


The club will be hosting some competitions every month, they will be announced in the website(keep on checking). The club will also have a Photo and Video of the Month/Year. Anyone in the school can participate in these events. Note that none of them will be held in the school(don’t expect to bring the cameras everyday, it’s not gonna happen).

The rules are simple:

For photography:-

  • Click a photo(please do not send some random selfies as they would not be counted)
  • Make sure that you put the date and time of the picture.
  • Hope that you clicked the best photo.
The best photo will be put up on the Club Website and in the School TV screens.

For Videography:-

Same as the photography contest but you’ll have to make a video(no pictures stringed together).
The rewards are the same as above.

The Photo of the Year will be featured in the Annual School Magazine(Expressions).(Probably, We’ll try our best to arrange it.)

We expect that you know something about the field you’ve chosen as you will not be taught like physics or maths. Have some basic knowledge about the stuff and we’ll improve you immensely.
We’ll have regular sessions from the experienced students and some other professionals as often as we can, and we expect all of you to attend(Trust me, it’ll b great!)



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When will the selection procedure be updated?

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The web development induction is going on. The two remaining departments will soon announce their selection. :slight_smile:

Have patience!