The Cheffer(Application for Codechef) [DOWNLOAD NOW]


Here I present to you ‘The Cheffer’…All important information from Codechef in one place… Add friends to keep yourself updated about their latest submissions, their ranks

Before this application I had to go over each one’s profile to see what are they up to (read: stalking)… but now… everything’s here in one simple package ( :lame advertising: )

As of now user has to add 3 friends , no more , no less :frowning: Changes will be Done in later updates…


  1. CodeChef account
  2. Internet Connectivity
  3. .Net framework (4.5) {if using windows 7} [only supports windows]

The Home window

The Contests tab

The DashBoard

Settings Menu

As the application is currently in Development Phase and cannot be considered as complete and Bug free, Therefore you can report any bugs here,and I will try to remove them

  • As some of you might have guessed, This application is totally dependent on Codechef’s Source Code…The moment this changes…The application will be a dump :-p

Download (Previously was on SourceForge ,now on Google Drive)


Great work! I am tempted to boot Windows to try it :slight_smile:

I looked at download site and I think (Apologies if I am wrong) you are being unjust to the system.

The executable is hosted on Sourceforge. And everyone knows that Sourcforge is meant for hosting open-source project. While I was not able to get your code. There is not a single commit!

In the spirit of coding, go ahead and commit your code – make it open-source. It won’t hurt you, and instead you may get valuable critic or even contributors.

Otherwise use bitbucket, it hosts closed-source code for free.

That said – great effort, I appreciate it.


thank you so much… I am waiting to release the source code,but certainly after fixing numerous bugs and compatibility issues…

@avastpulkit: :smiley: Making code available puts pressure on you to make it good quality! But don’t worry. Just remember the rule -

"commit often, commit early"

This will save you lot of headache in longer run.

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Appreciate your effort but your app contains many bugs. It crashes every time i enter username at settings page. So, by your instruction i installed it in another drive it now works. But keep on crashing now and then. Hope you fix these issues and release it in full scale soon.

@sobhagya Can you please be more specific… It would help a lot…