The C# language

Hi everyone, I am a computer science student who has been doing programming in C# for less than a year. I am new to CodeChef and I tried to solve the Practice problems in the easy section. However, I could not find C# in the list of the languages. So my questions are:

  1. Is the code that I write in C# acceptable by the judges?
  2. Are there any guidelines for solving the problems in the list for a newbie programmer?
    I appreciate your help, Thanks

Yes c# is supported on codechef.

When you want to enter your solution to the problem, be sure that the language selected is c#(gmcs-2.0.1). The language dropdown menu is right below the code editor.

good luck with the problems :wink:

Thanks for the reply friend. I did that and I tried to submit some solutions. After struggling with the Parsing error, I finally managed to submit one problem successfully. However, It displayed “Time Limit Exceeded”. I guess this is a problem with the C# language. Is there any solution to this? Thanks

im not a C# programmer but I would suggest you look at optimization of your code and also at faster I/O methods

Thanks for your reply bro, you were helpful. I rarely check the Forum, that is why I did not see your answer early, sorry. Thanks anyway!