Testcase changed during contest without any notice

This is not the 1st time,it happened in before long challenges also. But this time without any notice. Suddenly testers decided to add some additional testcases for the problem CHEFSPL during contest. Is it really fair? There are a lot of participants(including me) who might not even look into it. Saturday suddenly you guys decided to update testcase,that too without any announcements.

I can still see the no of AC submissions reducing on that problem. Maybe the rejudge is still going on?

Yes, this have happened many times. But, even if there were some notice of change of test cases. Why would someone update his code without knowing the test cases.

Your argument would have been completely understandable if the constraints of the input have been updated.

2 days left for the contest. Someone has already submitted and he knows his solution is correct and he mightn’t even come back online. How he supposed know that the testcases aren’t same. He thought he already got the AC mark.During contest that shouldn’t happen. I think so. Not everyone come online everyday to check it.

Completely agree

I Had A Doubt Regarding The One Test Case Though I Got An AC Earlier And Just Today i Saw that my code was changed from ac to wa because of that flaw in the language i had earlier thought of.
the change made is a correct one as now the question is totally correct earlier it wasnt.

I’d suggest automatic email notify on rejudge, at least to those submission authors that lost AC.

Timus Online Judge has this feature long ago.