Test Cases Still Weak for SSTORY even after Re-judge

One of my solutions was still Accepted though it should give wrong answer. My code gave ‘c’ for s1=“aecd” and s2=“acad”, where the answer should be ‘a’.



I’ll look into this!!

Either there’s a second rejudge coupled with a contest time extension or the additional test case shall be added to practice section…

I guess this problem is HARD after all… :frowning:

Deeply sorry,



Testing is one hell of a job :stuck_out_tongue: .
Hopefully I have corrected my solution but cant be sure till new test-cases are added.

Damn right it is… I am guessing that this was our fault, especially because I had prepared around 10 test case files which I thought covered all the corner cases I could think about… What’s more hillarious is that my solution gives Ac answer on all those cases, as expected… It’s just strange that my solution “understands” all the properties of strings, while the vast majority of solutions do not… I’ll see if this gets rejudged or not still today… Please pay attention to any possible announcments and, thanks in advance for being sharper than us this time :slight_smile:


@kuruma I have re-opened this because even now test cases are weak and I hope that you will add some more for this problem in the practise section. My AC’d solution gives ‘h’ for this test case:-
“fagehe”,“fhfgfg” where it should give ‘f’ :stuck_out_tongue: