test cases for practice

i am talking about the practice problems.
is there a way to see the test case for which my code fails?
like my program is giving WA on 0.26 sec. so it means i have passsed many cases but some may be wrong.

No , This discussion comes up time and again and the mood of the admins of CodeChef is clear , they will not allow you to see which test cases your submission passed and which test cases it failed . There are also technicalities involved in making this a feature at CodeChef . However more than that CodeChef wants to encourage you to write test cases yourself and do extensive testing on your own end , after all real software is made that way , and hence the idea is you will learn more if the test cases where your submission fails is not shown .

I do not agree with “…after all real software is made that way…” part, my experience is, that testers test the the code more than programmers… But of course it’s important for competition programming to build the ability to test your own code :wink:

@the_c0der: if you are stucked on some problem (and it’s not live contest problem), you can always ask here for hint or test case :wink:

thanks for clearing it!