test cases for Chef-jumping

I am currently working on the May contest Chef-jumping problem. I tried all the possible cases upto 7 digits input and GETTING THE DESIRED CORRECT OUTPUT on my terminal. But the codechef compiler display “wrong answer” message. It would be impossible to proceed further without further guidance.

You tried also 15 digit input?

yes…Give me one test case of correct answer.

No, it’s not permitted…

@betlista - Thank you.

i tried with a 18 digit valid output… gives correct answer on ma C compiler… but wrong answr over here!!! WTH cud b wrong??

In a few days you’ll know what was wrong. Till then we HAVE to believe we are making some stupid mistake or are not considering something obvious.
One tip I can give is as programs are pretty small, don’t keep trying to correct your program. Try rewriting it. If that doesn’t work, there are many ways to solve a problem. Try finding some other solution and code it.