Test Case for a Problem

How to submit test cases for a program when you are hosting a contest on codechef. Do we have to submit a single file containing the test cases or the multiple files?

When you are logged in on the website where you frame problems for the contest (Assuming you know), first click the create problem. The option to add test cases appears after that. You can upload multiple files as well, and there is a limit of 20 test cases.

I think @ista2000 will guide you better in this case.

Assuming you have already been granted an account in campus.codechef.com by the codechef admins, you must have also got a mail regarding uploading test cases, FAQs, code of conduct etc.
In case you didn’t notice or somehow displaced the mail, you can get all information about uploading problems and test cases here: https://www.codechef.com/wiki/faq-problem-setters
and here: https://www.codechef.com/wiki/uploading-problems

In case you are just curious and don’t want to set problems, you can upload at most 20 files, if it’s a subtask problem then you need to specify which file will be used for each subtask and also give information about the sequence in which the files will be executed. Since it’s limited to 20, most of the times setters prefer to give more than one test case for each problem to accommodate more cases.

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