Test Case #0 in SMPLSUM

Is test case #0 for this problem the same as sample test case? If no, is the sample test case even included in the test cases?

My answer matches with the sample, but not even 1 test case passes.

Earlier I made a submission which passed the first subtask

It is Contest time buddy!

If you have any query ask in the comment section below (Follows the guidelines there). If there is ant problem in the test cases it will be rectified. (as it has been done for SMPLSUM once for subtask 2 where n>10^4 as pointed by me earlier). Do not discuss ideas or start new question related to questions from the contest. If you are getting wrong answer there must be some glitch in your algorithm.


Hmm. I got the glitch anyways :slight_smile:

my algorithm can solve n= 10^29 in less than 200ms still i got TLE ont ther 3rd Subtask…idont know why??

@shibli786 I’m sorry to ask but do you really mean 10^29?

yes!!!it will even work 10^86 if i want

i have tested this testcase