Tell us something about maths

Hello every programmers , I am starting this discussion because I see some of the programmers are not
good in mathematics thinking and their implementation. So please share some important tips for
programmers that have lack of maths knowledge.

You can also share such link (Not with so longer contents) and you can also say anything you know about mathematics that help a student to become a successful programmer.

I personally welcome such programmers like @anton_lunyov (I don’t know others name) those who are good in mathematics, to write here some tips and helpful concept about maths.

Happy Coding!!!



Hopefully this question will be THE QUESTION that was missing here in order for some people to see that competitions are much more about Maths and logical thinking than they are about coding (which is not surprising, given the theoretical aspects of Algorithms) and data structures…

I mean, obviously Data Structures and good implementation skills are needed, but those are all standard things anyone can look up and actually having a good mathematical background can in fact be one of the reasons which determines success or insucess on tackling a given problem!

Thanks for this question @upendra1234


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Great post @upendra1234 agreed big time. This happens so many times. And correctly said, algorithmic and implementation skills are important. But for that one must get an idea as to how to at least start solving the question. And such questions generally do belong to math catagory.

Well, my personal enemies are (maybe some other people’s as well):

  • permutation & combination problems - Generally questions of the type "find the number of ways".
  • Probability
  • Most of the times, I know how will I get to the solution(or I understand how test cases are answered), and on paper I can get the answers for some small set of inputs. But when it comes to generalizing it to some formula for a large values, I am not very good at it.

    So, please if somebody can help in these two topics. I know there are many brilliant books etc but, some concise tricks/tutorial are better than reading whole book just on topic.

    Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Even I hav prob in probablity