tell me testcases for 40 points lst one where my code is failing (CHEFHAM DEC 2017 LONG)

My code is faillling for last two test cases ,i am not abel to figure out for which cases its failing
can anyone help me figure of code

Hey, are you checking for no of elements = 3 ?

Like I got WA for sub-task 3, task #4 for not considering n=3 and all the numbers are different.

Subtask 1 of this problem doesn’t contain any TC for N = 3 as I made a small mistake in my code for n = 3 but, it passed ST-1 without giving WA. I forgot to include space between 2 integers for n = 3, but it passed subtast 1 anyways which it shouldn’t have, although it gave WA in subtask 3, but still it shouldn’t have passed st1 either.

Yes, I got AC in sub-task 1 with the mistake stated above.