tell me answer please

write single statement in C language

first reduce the value A by 1, then find the sum of A and B, then increment the value of B by 1. and assign to the C.??
thats question

I solve like this tell me this is correct.
C= --A + B++


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but dear top of the question ask me write a single statement??

#include <stdio.h>

int main(void) {
	int a, b, c;
	a=10, b=10;
	printf("%d", c);
	return 0;


if you do c=--a+b++; value of b is incremented after assigment operation not before so you have to do it ++b, if you do it c=--a+++b; it gives error, so just use parentheses like c=--a+(++b);

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ok got it thank you dear

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