Teams Selected for Amritapuri and Kanpur

How do you plan to travel between Kanpur (24th Dec) and Amritapuri(26th Dec) ?

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All such people should try going to one regional only, giving others a fighting chance too (Request):stuck_out_tongue:


We had the same doubt. So we opted for Gwalior and Kanpur instead.


@inovation123 we are facing a similar difficulty in deciding on the travel options. What are your plans?

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We have got Kanpur and Coimbatore regions and travelling from Kanpur to Coimbatore within a couple of days seems difficult and risky. We are clueless at the moment and wish that schedules of regionals should atleast be at a span of 3 days so that the probability of a participant joining two regionals is 1.000000.

@inovation123 How are you sure about a slot at Coimbatore? Has Amritapuri declared the site allocations yet?

Hey Guys,
If somehow you only decide to compete in one site, please go for kolkata-kanpur. The list from kolkata-kanpur site seems final and some deserving teams might use the vacancy at Amritapuri. :stuck_out_tongue:


I am assuming odd rank Amritapuri and even rank Coimbatore

Correct me if I am wrong, but is it not possible to make it to both the sites if you, say, leave either on 24th night or 25th morning, travel to Kochi via flight and then take a bus/train to Amritapuri?

I think it’s possible. You can leave on 24th evening or 25th morning.

Kanpur > Lucknow/Delhi(Bus/Train)

Delhi > Kochi(Direct flight) or Lucknow > Kochi(via delhi)

Kochi > Coimbatore/Amritapuri(Train)

Yes it will hectic because it will take around 12-14 hours. Fortunately, we have chosen Kanpur and Gwalior. :slight_smile:

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I guess flying between coimbatore and kanpur would be the best solution to this. There are rarely any non stop flights between these cities. So it should take easily between 6 and 8 hours. Travelling through land would make you only exhausted

The option’s not affordable… If it were the question wouldn’t be asked in the first place!!


When will confirmed center allotment for Amritapuri Regional be declared?
@inovation123 any idea?

@vikasj554 The list of confirmed teams with the site allotted will be published on 21st.

For Amritapuri:

Site Allotment List:

Probable list of teams to fill vacant slots:-

We have got Kanpur and Coimbatore sites and we are worried of travelling such a large distance in a span of 2 days. Looking at the inactivity of this post, I am wondering “Are we the only team facing this dilemma ???”

@vikasj554 What have you decided and how do you plan to travel in order to join both the regionals on time.

Our team is allotted ‘Kolkata’ and ‘Coimbatore’ respectively. We are travelling by 12863 on 24th from HWH.

Maybe, you can request the Kolkata-Kanpur organizers to shift your site to Kolkata(instead of Kanpur) as a special case, and then travel along with us.

Though we are not sure if everything will fall to plan, still this is the best option we’ve got and a try is always worth it. :slight_smile:

To answer your question, nope you are not alone.
All the best!!

Thanks buddy. We will try and lets hope for the best.

@inovation123, we have decided to take a flight from delhi to coimbatore.
There was no other option. What are your plans?
(We got coimbatore site, we’d be coming back to delhi from kanpur via train)